Hotel of Ice Balea Lake

We open on December 23, 2017

As winter arrives and temperatures in the mountains begin to plummet, the lake gradually freezes over and its calm emerald waters are transformed into thick ice. Huge blocks of the icy lake are then cut and dragged to the location of the Ice Hotel where the construction process begins. In a matter of weeks, part of the frozen Balea Lake is transformed into a beautiful and uniquely designed hotel of ice with its very own Ice Church, Ice Restaurant and Ice Bar.

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Ice Hotel Balea Lake

Do not miss the unique adventure at Balea Lake!

We welcome everybody to visit Balea Lac anytime – it’s worth a visit also in the warm season – but in winter you will be overwhelmed by the stunning scenery of the snow covered peaks around the Hotel of Ice placed on the frozen surface of the glacial lake.

Opening hours Hotel of Ice

Hotel of Ice visiting hours: 9 am – 5pm
Check-in: after 5pm (reception is at Balea Lac Chalet)
Dinner in Ice Restaurant: 7:30 pm
Ice Bar: 9 am – 10:30 pm
Check-out: 8 am


Here, uptop Fagaras mountains, at over 2000m altitude, you will find the thickest snow layer for the longest time of year. If you’re eager for fun and adventure with your friends, we are waiting for you in Winterpark with Snowmobiles, Rafting and Tubing!

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