Heard of Cloudways?

Cloudways is one of the world’s best cloud hosting services. Cloud hosting, as anyone will tell you, is one of the best ways that you can host your website and data on the internet. That is why it is constantly increasing in popularity and usage not only in the USA but also in different parts of the world. Due to this reason I choose Cloudways promo codes from to achieve maximum discount on my Cloudways subscription.

Wide Range of Features

Some of the best features that Cloudways web hosting service has include; simplicity, incredible service, worry free experience and high speed performance that is easily scalable according to your requirements.  

Simple and Efficient

Simplicity of service refers to the fact that the web hosting is done through 5 separate cloud locations that are well dispersed across the world and cover all the areas that are considered the hub of the internet world. These five locations include

There are quite a number of applications that are supported by the Cloudways web hosting service so this should be the least of your concerns. Gone are the compatibility issues that most users are usually faced with while connecting to the internet.

It’s the Pricing that Says it All

But the most endearing and useful feature that is good for Cloudways users is that the services are very reasonably and economically priced. There are many price offerings and this allows the users of every social class and financial ability to use this cloud service according to their needs and requirements.  

Plan 1:

The very basic Plan 1 offerings start from $12 a month, including DO domain hosting charges. This means that you get domain hosting coupled with web hosting all from one place. It is supported by 1 GB RAM, a 1 Core processor, 25 GB storage capacity and a bandwidth of T terabyte. Sounds good, doesn’t it. You can also enter into a free trial before you decide to commit

Plan 2:

Next is Plan 2. At $26 a month the package comes with 2GB RAM supported by 1 Core processor, storage of 50 GB and bandwidth speed of 2 terabyte. So it’s a little better in terms of offered features. DO domain hosting charges are included.

Plan 3:

The Plan 3 offering includes a RAM of 4 GB, a 2 core processor, with storage capacity of 80 Gigabytes for your data, and a bandwidth speed of 4 terabytes. The cost of this plan is $50 per month, but you are still getting a good bang for your buck. 

Plan 4:

The Plan 4 or the last plan is the most steeply priced at $96 per month. Of course, this is the most reliable and dependable plan of all. The main users of this plan are generally high worth private individuals, working professionals and firms like investment banks and others.

For these entities, reliability and data integrity are most important considerations. There is 8 GB RAM, a faster 4 core processor storage of 160 GB and a bandwidth of 5 terabyte. No matter what plan you choose, there is a free trial version to see the speed and efficiency. So get into the cloud hosting experience today.