Princess Filler Enhanced My Facial Features After an Extensive Surgery

They say there is no such thing as a miracle cream but I beg to differ because I found the ideal dermal filler line by Princess Filler. It all started when I developed a dangerous tumor on my palette. When I was informed about it, it was certain that only surgical removal could solve my life-threatening issue.

  The tumor was removed successfully, however, there was a drawback. The removal of palette flesh left both my cheekbones uneven. The deformation was prominent and noticeable, which took a toll on my confidence. People started to point out that I was “aging”, but in reality, it was a side effect of my extensive surgery.

Sad, depressed, and worried, I looked for help high and low. There was one option but  I couldn’t bring myself to go for it; another surgery to restore the shape of my cheekbones. After one blow from a surgery I couldn’t fathom going through another one, it just seemed like a long shot!

Now I was on the search for a semi-permanent solution that helped retain the natural shape of my bone structure along with a slight lift to my crow’s feet eyes!

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